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How many calories burn in a kiss: The Complete Guide (2022)

Kissing can be of different types, but did you know that kissing could also have health benefits apart from the pleasing feeling it gives. Did you know that kissing can burn calories but how many calories burn in a kiss is something we will discuss today.

Of course, kissing won’t burn the same number of calories as an intensive HIIT session can do to your body. But it does help your body in more than one way.

Kissing has profound health benefits (& very less disadvantages of kissing) as if you needed another excuse to kiss.

How many calories does a kiss burn?

Well, kissing can burn an average of 2 calories per minute but also vary depending on other activities like using your hands, making out, or romantic dancing, while kissing can burn more calories.

However, there is no exact number of calories these activities burn. The below figures are an average estimate.

How many calories burn in a kiss
How many calories burn in a kiss


These activities give you a broad idea of how many calories can burn depending on the twist & turns you add to your kissing session.

How many calories burn in one kiss: One kiss can burn somewhere around 2 to 25 calories per minute

The number of calories burned will depend on many factors while kissing. A casual kiss can burn 2 to 3 calories per minute, while a more intense kiss involving other body parts can burn around 25 calories per minute.

For comparison, you will burn 2 to 3 calories while sitting stationary on the couch. To be precise, sitting burns about 1.3 calories per minute.

All this information is well documented in a 2013 report on philematology (aka the scientific study of kissing) – in an American Journal of Medicine penned by American Cardiologist Joseph S. Alpert.

Calculate Your Calorie Burn

Several factors determine the number of calories burned in any physical activity. This might include-

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • The intensity of the activity

The more intense the activity, the more calories you will burn. Also, you will burn more calories if you weigh more, while older people will burn fewer calories.

Different Types of Kisses

The number of calories burned in a single kiss will depend on multiple factors like the use of hands & other body parts, how long the kissing last, if you’re standing or sitting, the type of kiss, your age, sex & intensity.

There is no universal way of kissing, so having a definite conclusion might seem very difficult considering all the factors involved. But that hasn’t stopped experts from making an educated guess.

Here are a few estimates of how many calories you burn from different types of kissing.

Casual Kissing: Burns about 2 to 3 calories per minute

A few kisses here & there aren’t just signs of a healthy relationship; they also burn a few calories. Causal kissing can burn about 2 to 3 calories per minute as the muscles involved are only two – according to American Cardiologist Joseph S. Alpert.

A casual kiss or a quick peck while going to work can be included in casual kissing as your muscles aren’t getting much involved.

Passionate kissing: Burns about 4 to 5 calories per minute

A passionate kiss involves more body muscles; therefore, more calories will be burnt. According to Alpert, a passionate kiss will burn somewhere between 5 to 26 calories.

However, this seems a lot, so we can assume it to be on the lower side, closer to 5. Either way, it significantly jumps from the calories burnt in a casual kiss.

What else you do alongside a passionate kiss will significantly affect the number of calories burnt. For example, too much use of the hands or upper body might increase the calorie burn in the body. It is similar to other forms of exercise; standing & more muscle groups involved will burn more calories.

Full-body Make-out: Burns about 5 to 26 calories per minute

The number of calories burnt during a full make-out session will depend on several factors – how actively you’re engaged with the partner, your passion, your body posture if you’re standing, sitting, or lying, etc.

All these factors combined will determine the number of calories you burn during a full-body make-out session. It will vary between 5 and 26 calories depending on the above factors.

To compare, ballroom dancing and wrestling burn approximately 6 calories per minute.

Oral Sex: Burns about 3 to 4 calories per minute

Oral sex does not involve much of your body parts; thus, the calories burned are less. Most muscle movement is around your neck while other body parts are at rest.

Since oral sex does not involve much physical activity, the calories burned are about 3 to 4 calories per minute. It is the same number of calories burned while dancing slowly.

But the good news is that you can still burn calories while having fun with your partner.

Having Sex: Burns 100 calories (men) and 69 calories (women) per 25-minute session

While casual kissing burns 2 to 3 calories per minute & passionate kissing burns 5 to 6 calories, complete sexual intercourse burns even more calories.

According to a 2013 study, an average man burns 100 calories per 25 minutes & woman burns 69 calories per 25 minutes during sex and kissing.

However, the exact number of calories burnt will depend on several factors – intensity, duration, age, sex, weight, etc.

Masturbation: Burns about 5 calories per minute

Musturbation can be slow & sensual or fast & furious. Depending on it the number of calories burnt will vary. We can have a midpoint of approximately 5 calories per minute or 150 calories per 30 minutes.

Again, it will vary depending on your intensity & other factors, as discussed earlier.

Romantic Dancing: Burns about 6 calories per minute

Any activity performed standing will automatically increase the calorie burn. So, if you want to increase the number of calories burned, then hold your partner & engage in some romantic dancing.

You can also add kissing, casual peaking, and touching your partner to increase the intensity & calorie burn.

Dancing burns around 6 calories per minute, which might differ depending on the number of factors like intensity, speed, feel, etc.

How kissing burns calories

Now that we have a strong idea of how many calories burn during a kiss let us ponder how kissing burns calories in the first place.

While kissing isn’t considered a physical exercise, it burns a few calories. Your body burns the calories the same way as it does with any other physical exercise- Through muscle movement.

Alpert says that passionate kissing can involve upto 34 facial muscles, mostly found in the orbicularis (complex group of muscles in the lips around the mouth).

But your facial muscle group isn’t the only one involved while kissing. The muscle groups found in your abdomen, back & pelvis might also get involved depending on your position throughout the kiss.

Other factors such as the intensity of the kiss, body movement & use of other body parts might also affect the number of calories burnt during a smooch.

How does your body burn calories in normal circumstances?

According to nutritionist Jamie Hickey, the body burns calories through a metabolic process that converts food into an energy source. The conversion of food to energy requires calories to be combined with oxygen, releasing energy to perform different bodily tasks.

However, while kissing, your body burns calories through oxygen deprivation.

“Oxygen consumption is very important to burn calories, [and] if you’re breathing heavy, your heart needs to beat faster to ensure it spreads fresh oxygenated blood to your muscles and brain. This causes your body to burn calories to match the energy levels your body,” requires, says Hickey.

Benefits of kissing

At this point, you might have released that you cannot replace any High-intensity physical exercise with a kiss, smooch, or a make-out session to burn calories. Don’t be disappointed because there is some good news too.

The benefits of kissing aren’t just confined to burning calories. Rather there are many science-backed health benefits of kissing. This might sound contrary to what we have been told since our childhood. But believe me, there are many health benefits of kissing that will make kissing even more desirable.

A study says that kissing releases feel-good hormones (dopamine, oxytocin & serotonin) in your body that light up the pressure centers making you feel euphoric. Simultaneously, it reduces cortisol levels, otherwise known as the stress hormone.

The release of oxytocin helps better bond with the partner, making you both feel loved & closed.

Other benefits of kissing include reduction in stress & anxiety and widened blood vessels, thereby reducing blood pressure. Kissing also helps you determine your sexual compatibility with your partner, which is very important in the early stages of the relationship.

Many of these benefits help you a lot during your periods.

Conclusion: How many calories burn in a kiss

Kissing can burn different calories depending on the different forms & number of factors involved (as discussed in the article). However, you now understand that it won’t come anywhere near to what a High-intensity Interval Training exercise can do to your body.

Having said that, kissing is fun; it makes you feel loved and nurtures a strong bond in a relationship. You might not tone up or lean down with kissing, but there isn’t any denying the many other health benefits of kissing.


How many calories burn in a French kiss?

While a causal kiss burns about 2 to 3 calories per minute, a French kiss (openmouthed kiss) will more about 5 calories per minute or even more depending on the intensity & other factors discussed.

Is kiss good for weight loss?

Kissing can burn around 2 to 6 calories per minute, depending on the form. This might not be enough if you are in the process of weight loss. However, as discussed in the article, you can strengthen your relationship & also get those extra benefits.

Is it okay to reject a kiss?

It is absolutely okay to deny a kiss if you are not comfortable. You can back off straight away & verbalize your lack of interest. You can deny it gently by saying that you’re flattered by the approach & appreciate the audacity, but I am not into it.

Is lip kiss good for health?

Kissing stimulates your salivary glands, causing them to produce more saliva. Saliva lubricates your mouth, aids in swallowing, and keeps food particles from sticking to your teeth, which can aid in the prevention of dental decay and cavities.

Does kissing burn face fat?

Kissing involves 34 facial muscles, which will help burn a few calories. Kissing three to four times a day might help in a minor reduction of face fat. However, if you are serious about toning down your face cut, then regular bogy exercise & diet is the ultimate solution.

How many calories does cuddle burn?

Hugging your loved ones can burn about 10 to 12 calories per minute depending on how strong you cuddle, whether you kiss while cuddling, and use of hands.

Why do we kiss with our eyes closed?

Closing your eyes prevents them from seeing a distracting blur or the exertion of trying to focus because most individuals can’t focus on something as close as a face. Closing your eyes is also a way of making yourself more relaxed because kissing can make us feel vulnerable or self-conscious.

Why do lovers kiss each other?

Kissing triggers, a biological reaction in your brain, including an increase in the hormone oxytocin. It’s known as the “love hormone” because it elicits sentiments of affection and bonding. According to a 2013 study, oxytocin is especially crucial in assisting men in bonding with their partners and remaining monogamous.

How many calories should be burned in one day?

You will typically lose 1 pound (0.5 kilograms) each week if you cut your daily caloric intake by 500 to 1,000 calories. It sounds easy, right! It’s more complicated, though, because you typically lose a combination of fat, lean tissue, and water when you lose weight.

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