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Polyamory vs Polygamy: Differences Based on 5 Key Parameters

Many individuals mix together polyamory, polygamy, polygyny, and polyandry – which is understandable given that most of us are unfamiliar with these...

What is Polyamory & how does a polyamorous relationship work?

Are you curious about unconventional relationship dynamics? Have you heard of polyamory? It’s a term that’s gaining popularity and recognition and...

Complete Guide To: Can A Man Sleep with A Woman Without Developing Feelings?

Can a man sleep with a woman without developing feelings or emotions?  The short answer is yes.  Yes, men can and do (sleep with) women without...

Crush vs Love: Key Differences between a crush and love

Having a crush on somebody and falling in love with them can be two very different experiences. When one of these feelings happens to you, it may feel like the...

When a third person enters in a relationship: Is it All Over?

When you meet someone new, you usually want them to get along well with your friends and family members. This is because they might become part of your life...

Throuple Relationship: Is it for you or not?

While it can be intimidating to stray from societal norms, practicing consensual non-monogamy — maybe with a throuple relationship (in a threesome relationship)...
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