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When a third person enters in a relationship: Is it All Over?

When you meet someone new, you usually want them to get along well with your friends and family members. This is because they might become part of your life.

When you start dating or even going out with someone, you naturally want to introduce them to your close circle of friends and family. After all, you don’t want to risk hurting their feelings.

However, sometimes introducing someone to your loved ones can create problems. For example, if you introduce your boyfriend/girlfriend to your parents, siblings, or other relatives, things could go wrong. In such situations, you should be careful enough to understand whom you introduce to.

Sometimes you might not willingly introduce your partner to someone, but the third person tries to seek into your relationship. It would be best to be careful whom you introduce to since you’re unaware of their intentions because a third person involved in a relationship can spoil your present relationship. They can be your friends, close relatives or an outsider.

In this article, we will try to understand different aspects that relate to an entry of a third person into a relationship.

First, we will try to figure out why there is an entry of a third person into a relationship in the first place. Once we understand the reason behind it, we will understand when can a third person enter into a relationship (timing of the entry) & how you can avoid and get rid of the third person in a relationship.

when third person enters in relationship
When a third person enters in relationship

Why is there an entry of a third person in a relationship?

Not able to move on from the past relationship:

Many times, people in the relationship are not able to forget their past, and this can have a serious impact on your current relationship. You might have heard about such situations through your friends or relatives or gone through it yourself.

Incomplete past relations make it difficult for you to form a new, fresh bond with your current partner. If you are not satisfied, happy or complete in relation, then you might find ways to fulfil that need.

This incomplete desire from your past can be the very reason that can create room for an entry of a third person into a relationship.

So, what measures can you take to avoid such situations? Don’t worry! We will discuss solutions to all these scenarios later in the article. So, let’s move on to the next point.

Not giving enough time to your partner:

This could be the number one reason for the entry of a third person in a couple relationship. Nowadays, long working hours, business trips, outings, and parties are part of the regular work culture in India. All these things can limit the amount of time that you need to spend with your partner.

While you may not spend that time with your partner, but you spend the same time with your colleague or business partner. And you know very well that you start connecting with the person with whom you spend the most time. 

All this situation creates a rift between the two of you & can break the relationship.

Boredom in the Relationship:

You need to be innovative, fun & loving if you wish to maintain that spark in the relationship. If not done, it can soon bore the other person, which might make them want to look for other opportunities.

People seek fresh experiences to prevent monotony. So, go out with your partner and try new things. Understand each other well and enjoy each other’s presence, so your relationship is never boring.

I am not telling you to be very charming like a celebrity, but you should be able to bring a smile on their face. Because no one knows your partner better than yourself. So, you can make little effort to keep the relationship young & happy.

Keeping Love & Respect alive in a Relationship:

Love & respect is essential not only in a love relationship but in any relationship. If you do not respect the other person, they might feel unwanted, which will create tensions between the two of you.

Respect should not be demanded but given naturally by a human to another human. So, not respecting your partner naturally means disrespecting the relationship itself. This will slowly create a rift and, in the long term, can be detrimental to the relationship.

So, keep love and respect towards each other in your relationship.

When does a third person enter into a relationship?

Distance between the two of you grows who once loved each other:

Frictions are bound to happen in any solid relationship—however, it’s your duty to keep a check on them and solve any such problems or misunderstandings.

If you don’t resolve these issues, then there are chances of frictions increasing & the third person taking advantage of it. You might not even know if anyone is watching your relationship. It might be a close friend or an unknown person. If you are unaware, that person can take advantage of the situation.

Also, if things are not going well in the relationship, you sometimes knowingly bring in a third person into your relationship.

When gaps in your relationship widen & become visible to others:

When you as a couple begin to live in disharmony, it creates gaps for a new person to enter your life. This new person may initially seem like an intruder, but we fail to understand that without invitation, no one can come into someone else’s life.

In fact, people who secretly admire others may sit back and wait until the relationship bears cracks for them to enter in.

Frictions & misunderstandings between you guys lead to disharmony, which attracts the new person into your life.

What happens when the third person enters your relationship?

When the third person senses the gap in your relationship, they might plan for a grand entry into your life. When you’re under stress and living out of harmony, you become vulnerable in how you view others.

This is just an opportunity the third person waits for and takes advantage of. You might willingly bring in the third person, unaware of the consequences it might bring.

When this occurs, life might seem rosy to you at the start. The parallel relationship goes smoothly for a while, and the kick this gives can make you more friendly towards your partner.

However, you might not know when this situation can take a U-turn. The parallel relationship that seemed rosy might no longer be the same. The third person might try to create a misunderstanding between the two of you. You might feel jealous or ignored.

If the third person admires any one of you, then they can try to create problems in your life. However, if the third person is a good human being, they might distance themselves from you. They might not want to spoil your relationship because of them.

So, it all depends on the third person & equally on you both as a couple.

If you & your partner are strong enough, no one can break your relationship.

How can a third person save the primary relationship from breaking apart?

If you’re often hanging out with a third person (who has newly entered your life), you might often feel excited and satisfied (more so if they are of the opposite gender). You might suddenly start to take care to wear nice clothes, look good, talk nicely, and generally attractively present yourself before others.

When this goes on for some time, it raises your self-esteem, and your happiness level rises. Your partner notices this change in you which may make them feel new energy & zeal. There is a fresh energy vibe in the relationship. However, it would help if you were careful enough not to let the third person spoil your relationship.

You begin to wonder, “what would have happened, had the relationship broken?” And when we think about what could have happened had we continued to mistreat ourselves, we realize that we’d probably feel pretty miserable right now.

This could help revive the love between the two of you who once loved each other. The entry of the third person enables you to realize your love for the partner & create a new zeal of energy between the two of you.

How can you avoid the third person in a relationship?

Challenges and pitfalls are commonly found in any relationship, whether with friends, spouses, siblings or parents. Love can help overcome these challenges and pitfalls, no matter what type of relationship you’re in.

Third persons cause the most common problems in relationships. Third persons may be a source of comfort for some time, but they may later become a burden.

Whether it is a friend, family member, or someone else, a third party can often bring about conflict between you & your partner. When a third-party causes issues in a relationship, it is crucial to address them immediately.

When it comes to marriage, it is up to us to keep our promises. Hence, it is always advisable not to involve any third party in your relationship. Your relationship should only be between two persons. It adds beauty and romance as there is a strong bonding between you both.

So, how can you avoid or remove a third person from a relationship?

Here are some tips to avoid third-person involvement in your relationship.

Focus on building your relationship rather than avoiding the third person:

It is always better to focus on your relationship and work towards making your relationship stronger. There might be many third persons entering your relationship from time to time that cannot be controlled.

What you can control is your behaviour & love towards your better half. One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to focus on building rather than avoiding it. This is the best method to remove negativity from your relationship.

Analyze your relationship:

A simple analysis of your relationship can solve many complicated issues. Try to be unbiased and find the root cause of any problem that may arise. A third-person’s entry can be a serious relationship issue, so you must exercise caution. Take a step back, analyze issues, discuss them with your partner, and find mutually acceptable solutions.

Spend more time with your partner:

No one likes to be ignored, especially by the person they love the most. So, if you have any third person in your life, remember to give adequate time to your partner.

Please don’t give your partner a feeling that you’re unavailable or don’t care about their feelings. This might create insecurity in them & the fall of the relationship might begin from there.

I am also not suggesting you avoid your friend altogether. You should consider the importance of each person in your life and spend time with them accordingly. Your partner must feel that they are loved & are very important to you.

Keep your secrets to yourself:

As a couple, you shouldn’t be sharing your discussions with the third person. You may never know how that piece of information can be misused.

Again, I am not saying that the third person will misuse that information. All I am suggesting is to have some informational space accessible only to you & your partner.

Having this personal space makes your partner feel special & you also avoid any risk that may arise due to information sharing. If the third person doesn’t have the know-how of your secrets, it will be difficult for them to break you.

Know where to draw your line:

Everybody has their limits & boundaries. When these boundaries are crossed, it creates tension & you see a problem arising.

If you’re hanging out with the third person, each one of you should know their boundaries. Try to respect the third person & make sure they also do the same. Stop them if they aren’t respecting you or your partner and trying to cross the boundary. Inform them of their behaviour to avoid any problems in the future.

As I said earlier, respect is paramount in any relationship. If you are not getting that respect from the other person, it will create a problem. And letting the other person know how you feel is essential.


Remember that no third person can destroy a relationship built on a solid foundation of love, affection, and care. Many people will try to seek in your relationship and take advantage of your difficult time. But if you both as a couple believe in yourself & the relation, then no third can break it.

Remember, by introducing a third person in a relationship; you do not want to make it a throuple relationship (three people in a relationship). 😊


Can a third person ruin a relationship?

It totally depends on you and your partner. An entry of a third person can temporarily spoil the relationship, but if you bond well with your better half, you can deal with such a situation maturely.

How do you deal with a third person in a relationship?

If the third person misbehaves with any of you, then you should immediately convey your displeasure. Not communicating your feelings can give room for misunderstanding. Also, you should be clear with your partner about what you feel about the third person.

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